Update to Petrilli's Folly

Today I ran across this report about Early College High Schools, which partner with universities to enroll high school students in college courses. Two findings jumped out at me:  Early College students are 1) more likely to graduate high school and 2) more likely to go on to college.  Even if they don't go on to college, the partial fusion of college and high school leads to higher high school graduation rates.  Petrill's recommendation -- tell them to not go to college -- would probably not increase high school graduation rates.   The changing nature of college (hybrid, fused, on-line, hands-on, community-based -- all of it) means we need to demand all students be prepared to continue learning past high school. That learning can take all kinds of forms, but it will require college-level skills.  Petrilli's approach ignores the changing landscape of higher education and simply entrenches dead-end tracking.